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Our Services at Carolina Septic Inc of Kernersville, NC


Commercial septic cleaning pumper trucks

Five vacuum trucks for septic & grease pumping
Over 14,000 gallon capacity within the fleet
Two truck equipped with complete JET-VAC system
One truck equipped for large loads with over 950 CFM blower


Jetting and vacuum on two truck
15 gallons per minute at over 3000 psi
Industrial, commercial & residential applications
Flush storm drains, sewer mains or gutter flex hose

Residential Customers

Residential customers should have their system pumped periodically to remove accumulated sludge and scum. Slow running drains, backed up drains and wet spots in the yard around your septic tank are just a couple of indicators that your system may need attention.

Suggested Care and Maintenance Tips from Carolina Septic

- Do not have sprinklers installed over your field lines.
- If you have a food disposal have your tank pumped every year.
- Heavy use (large number of people in the family) may cause an increased burden on the system, requiring more frequent pumping.

Industrial Customers

- A family of four - pump tank every two to four years
- A family of two - pump tank every three to five years

Rule of Thumb for Maintenance Pumping

We work with local municipalities and industrial customers throughout the Triad. Through our past projects, we have built a reputation for quick response and dependability.
Call us today at 336-993-5633 for a quote.

Restaurant-Owning Customers

Restaurant owners and operators can depend on us to help them stay in compliance with all local statutes. We add all new customers to our maintenance database. We will then show up at the appointed time, efficiently clean your system and properly dispose of your brown grease. We will additionally complete all necessary documentation to ensure you stay in compliance with all local regulations.
Give us a call and let us help you stay in compliance.